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At Classic Finish, we specialize in custom Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations and we take every step of the renovation process seriously. We properly manage every step of this process to ensure that our clients have a smooth transition from an existing space to a brand new design.


Sanborn Residence

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Pechillo Residence

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Gardner Residence

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Yingling Residence

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Welch Residence

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Britton Residence

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Peyton Residence

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Classic Finish will help you design the perfect space that you have been dreaming of with the help of combined knowledge from 2 designers of over 35 years. Providing custom layouts and space planning drawings, as well as custom cabinetry designs are just a few examples of what our clients receive when working with us.

We help you choose and secure the finishing fixtures and touches for your projects to ensure that your final outcome is exactly as you desire.